“Mommy, Daddy! I Want To Become A Webcam Model!” – The Wholesome Guide To Webcamming Part One

What could be more natural than reveling in the beauty of your own body?
What could be more in tune with nature than other human beings having the ability to actively take a part in it?
What could be purer than playing and exploring our deepest desires with the tools we were granted by who knows whom?

Not only can you earn a lot of money as webcam model, but you could also become a giant player in the movement we are witnessing today; The billions of users indulging themselves into porn are finally realizing that it seems a bit hypocritical to judge the models. After all, if there are no models, who the hell would they be watching? The most interesting video on the planet becomes boring after being re-watched time and time again.

Although cam modeling could be labeled as a branch of porn and while I do concur to that, it is also an artform. YOU are both the art and the artist, creating new pieces while on the go.
Many a few simply fail to realize just how magnificent and spectacular that is! But you and I know.
If you can accept the above written text, mentally speaking, you are more than ready to open a new chapter in your life!

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty, we’ve gone through the mental gymnastics and now is time to really enter the world of webcamming.

What are we waiting for? It’s the perfect time to start!

What Do I Need To Become A Webcam Model?

Besides the mental fortitude, you also require some necessary equipment that will make your life as a webcam model a whole lot easier (and possible, yeah, I forgot about that part)

1. A PC (duhhh)
I mean you could stream from your iPhone technically speaking but things such as quality and comfort wouldn’t really be at the peak, eh?
You also require a PC to be able to track things much more easier as well as interact with your customers in a professional, relaxed manner!

2. Good Lightning
You could be the biggest vixen out of them all but what purpose does it hold if your attributes aren’t enchanted enough?
Think of good lightning just like make-up, can you make it without it? Absolutely. But is it feasible? Absolutely not.
As we go on, you will soon notice how being a webcam model isn’t just about stripping naked, you are an actor, an artist and as such, you need tools to ascend to the next level!

3. 18 Years Of Age
I’m feeling a bit bored having to tell you things that you probably already know, but I have to at least mention in for those that haven’t considered their age into the equation. A simple Google search will reveal if your country has any sort of special rules in regard to webcam modeling and age but rest assured that 18 is the norm for most countries.
P.S. You also have to take a pic of at least one form of identification, a simple government ID will work!

4. Your Own Room
Absolutely no distractions can be present during your shows. No mom, dad, little brother, crying sister, girlfriend, boyfriend.
Nada! You have to schedule things around those that live with you or reside in your vicinity. You wouldn’t want your 69-year old neighbor peeping in during one of your shows?
I know I wouldn’t!
If you are living alone or have your own place of residence, ensure that all doors are looked so that absolute none can enter your house during the time you stream? Got that? Great, let’s move on!

5. Sexy Lingerie
Your goal as a webcam artist is to entice your customer, make him feel things his frigid wife can’t.
You are a seducer, a stealer of breaths, start behaving like it!
If you have ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend note what they liked on you the most and start wearing it.
If not, clothe yourself in a way that makes you feel sexy and wanted. Trust me, if you are confident in yourself, others will take notice and gel to you like superglue.

6. Your Favorite Toys
As a starter, don’t do anything that you haven’t done before. You’ll have enough time to experiment as time moves on.
Feature a toy that you have personally used before or had it used on your body before, why you ask?
Because you know that it won’t make you feel uncomfortable and that you will enjoy it, this is the most important part of cam modeling – Your enjoyment!
‘How come? I thought that clients were the ones that should enjoy themselves. I should just let it ride out and move on!’
No, sweetie! You are going about this the wrong way.
Nobody can enjoy themselves if the model on the camera looks bored, disinterested or unsatisfied.
You are the one leading the happiness train!
It is your face that will directly determine how much satisfaction your client can reap out of you!
It is favorable for the both of you to do things in a jolly and playful manner.

7. A Really Good Webcam
Remember my long-winded speech about lightning? This one’s even more crucial to the entire show.
Consider the following; In real life, when two people meet up and have a desire to be sexual with one another, what senses come into play?
Our natural five senses: Sight, smell, taste, touch and sound.
Guess which four your customer is left without on your show?
I hope that you now realize just how much significance you have to put into the only sense you are left with, sight!
Please don’t shy away from buying a more expensive model just because you don’t want to spend a couple more dollars on your equipment.
Look at it as an investment that will return itself one-hundred-fold!
These are the basic preconditions that you have to fulfill in order to get into the game. Not as easy as you thought?
Don’t despair, the hard part is almost over and after a few more bits of information, you’re set to host your first show!

How Much Money Can I Make as Cam Girl?

Of course, of course, some of you will be there just for the money. Others are interested about the maximum possible revenue out of streaming. That’s completely fine, you provide a service and you get paid. Nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind that if, after having done a couple of shows, you feel drained and apprehensive to come back to work, you would better find something else as with time, the mask you have to put on every time you show up on the camera, will burst.

Anyways, the creme de la creme of cam models make 25,000 dollars. A week.

I know that it sounds unbelievable but that’s just how it is. And believe me, these aren’t some super, blond haired, mega-boobed bimbos that you might be imagining. No, these are guys and girls just like you! That’s just the tip of the iceberg, on popular cam sites such as Chaturbate, the top 2,000 models make more than 1,000 dollars a week. Not too shabby, eh?

There’s just one little problem with all these figures; The girls worked for months, sometimes even years to attain them. Success doesn’t come overnight and that’s what many cannot seem to comprehend. For people starting out, like you as an example, there is a brief time period, between a week and a month where the earnings will be meager at best. You do have some influence on how long this period of drought will last, you can even shorten it by making the right choices or lengthen it by submitting to some of the most common mistakes newbies do.

We’ll talk about these in length when the time is right.
For now, let’s just focus on the topic at hand; Earnings.

Realistically speaking, the first week should be very sporadic, with earnings hovering between zero to a few dollars a day. This is where most cam-models decide to throw in the towel. This isn’t just a direct cause of their ‘explosive personalities’ but also a sign that they feel like a sacrificial lamb whilst on cam; ‘I’m here sitting half-naked, stripping for your ass and nobody even has the common decency to visit me?! Screw you guys, I’m turning off the cam!’

You have to humble yourself and accept the fact that thousands of girls/boys had to go throughout the same period.
Do you really think that someone will just instantly make you a millionaire just because YOU decided to open up your body to the world? Have patience and the millions will come, I can assure you of that. The second week will be much lighter on you. Visitors that were there before will spot your continued presence and start to engage a bit more with you. This is another thing I want to teach you; Many visitors have their favorite performers and are oftentimes repeat customers, fish a few of those into your net and you’ll be swimming in dough in no time!

Their presence, in return, will attract even more visitors, which will either convert into frequenters or one-time lurkers. Doesn’t matter what category they fall in to, they are all there to give you a bigger shot towards the spotlight! Once the snowball is rolling down the boulder, little can stop it and by week three, you will already know the usernames of some of your customers. You will know what they prefer and what they want out of you and this will make the entire thing much more familiar. It can really suck if you have to entertain someone that doesn’t provide sufficient instructions for the job, but that’s okay, you can always communicate with your customer and ask for clarification!

Week four comes around and you’re already a professional with a constant revenue income. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? And it is, if you show a bit of personality, willingness and as already mentioned, eagerness to the job!

Where The Hell Do I Sign Up? There Are Millions Of Sites To Choose From!

I know your plights very well. I remember when I first started out, I could barely distinguish between websites, much less choose the perfect one! Many fledglings have asked me whether they should go for an established site or settle for a new one? ‘The new one promised me riches I had never even dreamed off!’ I can sympathize with you on so many different level, but let me be clear; You should never, ever go with a new site.

Here’s why:

1. Traffic
If you aren’t an authority in the respective niche you are trying to establish yourself into, then how the hell are you going to bring customer to me?
That is a great question and want to know the answer? They don’t.
You just sit there for hours on end with two viewers and a high possibility of both of them being bots.

2. Getting Paid
A new site starts to get some traction and it seems as if everything is in accord.
You are earning a hefty sum; The customers are all nice but there’s just one minor inconvenience; You haven’t gotten paid in the last three months!
‘Don’t worry!’ They will coerce you, ‘Just until Monday.’ Like a snake luring his victim into a treacherous trap from which there is no escape.
That Monday never comes, and you never get to see your hard-earned cash.
Sad, but true. That is the biggest reason why I would never cam for an unestablished cam page.

3. Shutting Down
‘Alright Crystal’, I can hear you lamenting, ‘But what if the site pays me and the traffic is more than alright?’
I had experienced this once; After camming for around six months for an up and coming streaming site, one day, I tried to access it to start my new working day and bammmmm; It didn’t open up!
At first, I refused to accept my predicament; I blamed it on the lousy internet or on the server loads being too high.
Bullshit, just straight bull. The site was pulled down, without any warning and without any signs.
Just like that, I had lost everything I had built up for the last six months; My loyal customers, my position on the front page of the site and all the revenue that I had in my account.

It was game over.
I won’t name the website as it opens up too many uncomfortable memories for me but just know that you are not exempt from such a tragedy playing itself out to you.
Please, I beg of you, don’t let the same happen to you! I cried so much and got so depressed that I didn’t leave my house for two weeks!
In order to prevent such a misfortune from occurring, I’ve given myself a solemn promise to never make the same mistake again.
That’s when I stumbled upon Chaturbate and in a few hours of doing my due diligence, I was completely hooked!

Want to know how and why? Read on!

Why Did I Choose Chaturbate?

There is a myriad of reasons but to not bore you out of your mind, I have abridged it into seven main points which make Chaturbate the best streaming site to get started with!

1. Six Years Online And Still Going Strong!
Yep, you’ve read it right, they have been in this game for six long years and that is a lot considering how most sites that start off get shut down in the first three months.
Either because their business model is unsustainable or their failure to provide sufficient traffic to the site, they are simply a goner. 95% of them. That’s a 1 in a 20 chance of you hitting the jackpot with one of these sites.
Don’t sign me up please.

2. Very Smart Paying System
Did you ever ask yourself why casinos use tokens and chips instead of real money?
Because our human mind works its priorities out in terms of value.
That naturally means that whatever item has more value to it, the harder it will be for us to let loose of it!
Personally speaking, I would never bet a ten-spot on the roulette table, these are MY ten dollars!
Quite conversely, I will have no problems squandering hundreds on blackjack by betting ‘meaningless’ chips.
Try it out for yourself and you’ll see just how malleable we humans are!
The same goes for cam streaming sites. Those that didn’t adapt this amazing psychological phenomenon to their revenue streams, saw between 60-80% LESS tips in total.
You can only imagine how much that is considering the average payout of the top 2000 models!
As a model, you will by all means have the ability to convert your tokens into real money at the drop of a hat.

3. Block Out The Cities You DON’T Want To Be Seen In!
Before turning on the camera for the first time, make a list of all of your family members, extended family, friends and acquaintances.
After you have done that, note down all of their cities and voila, no one in your vicinity will ever find about the naughty little things you do in your free time.

4. Monthly Budget? Try Bi-Weekly!
Thirty days is a whole lot of time and back when I worked as a cashier at Wendy’s for two years prior to starting my camming journey, I would always have to fight nail and tooth to survive the month.
Two weeks are much easier to handle and it kind of instills a sense of security into you, as losing out on two weeks of pay isn’t really the end of the world.
Additionally, I became much better with budgeting as I could focus more attention on the money as I was always working with it, calculating how much tokens I earned today!

5. Private Group Shows? Is That Even Possible?
You have to understand that the world of webcamming is evolving just as all the other spheres of the market.
With that being said, when a show is meant to be private, you would usually imagine a very affluent customer showering you with praise, attention and wholesome tips. Right?
That’s no longer the case as the number of whales, i.e. the customers that shill out the most money, are becoming rarer and rarer.
That is not a bad thing necessarily, as overall, the number of people indulging themselves on these sites are on the increase!
That calls for a change and Chaturbate is among the first ones to recognize that; Now, instead of earning four dollars per minute for just one customer, you can earn twenty dollars a minute with ten customers!
Amazing, isn’t it?

6. Sign Up In Less Than 10 Minutes!
There is nothing like going to a cam-streaming website, expecting to avoid the usual trauma of having to go through a boring job interview to have questions like:
‘What did you eat three hours before going to the bathroom in the 12th month of October last year and how do you believe this will affect your shows?’
Imagine such a question appearing in front of your face. It’s not too far of reality, as sad as it is to admit.
As already mentioned, you need to get yourself the proper equipment, a form of identification and you’ll be set in no time with Chaturbate.
No additional inquiries, no bullshit.

7. Chaturbate Has Over Four Million Unique Visitors Per Month
Whether or not anyone will see you is the biggest concern most models have when they start out.
With there being an abundant of users present at all times, no matter when you stream, you’ll never have to worry about customers.
This has to be one of the biggest and best reasons why Chaturbate rocks!
There’s a lot of demand and believe me, there’s room for someone like you.

How To Sign-Up To Chaturbate?

I’m going to make this as easy for you as I possibly can. I remember when I first started out, I had none to guide me and it took me hours to get anywhere.
I don’t want you to share my fate so please bear with me and follow the outlined instructions closely.

1) Click THIS link, which will redirect you to the standard registration from.

Chaturbate signup form
Click to enlarge.

In this section, it will ask of you some details that you will have to provide them with.
The most important thing to remember is that most of the specifics you will get asked about will NOT be changeable once you have entered them!
The first thing you have to play close attention to is your username or ‘stage name’.
It could be an alter-ego of yours or something specific that only YOU do.
NEVER put your real name and/or surname as your moniker as this can get you in deep trouble!
Not just with your family or friends but since your real name is now interconnected with your stage name, various creeps can make your life a living hell.
We’ll talk about prevention techniques later on, in part two of the series.

2) The second option from the top menu, the ‘Broadcast Yourself’ button is your next target objective.
Simply click it and wait for further instructions.

3) A Warning will pop-up, read it and click accept if you are fulfilling the written word.

4) A screen will pop up, which will show an early version of your very own chaturbate page

On your left side, you will see a little window which will prompt you to either accept or decline on giving Chaturbate access to your microphone and camera.
You will, naturally, click accept and after that you will be able to choose between the quality of your stream, loudness of your microphone…
Depending on your setup, it would be your best bet to experiment for a bit and see what gives users the smoothest viewing experience.
Try to keep in mind that you don’t want your users to see pixels on your screen, that would mean that your stream isn’t clear enough.
On the other hand, you would want to avoid setting the quality too high as that might negatively influence the FPS (Frames Per Second) making your stream seem laggy.
I never work on anything less than 30 FPS and neither should you!

5) After tinkering with your settings and configuring them, you’ll be redirected to a page which will ask you to provide Chaturbate with your real name, email and birthday.

chaturbate signup page

Nothing to despair about, they will never share any of your private info with anyone; Not your clients and especially not to other websites.
Lastly, a virtual signature of yours is required. Simply type in your full name and there shouldn’t be any issues.

6) Next thing on the bucket list is giving Chaturbate with proof that you are who you claim to be and any form of identification.

chaturbate signup page
There is nothing to worry about, you will simply have to upload a few of your own pictures and just one snippet of one of your government issued identification profiles. That can be a driver’s license, personal ID, legal document…

P.S. Don’t forget to take pictures of both sides of your ID!

7) After Chaturbate reviews the files you have sent them, they will either accept or decline your application.
From personal experience, they are very quick to respond and usually don’t create any problems if all the info you gave them is factual!

Now, it is time to fill out your payment information, don’t forget that webcam earnings get taxed too!
If you are from the US, ETF (direct deposit) works best and if you are from abroad, you can either choose checks (not recommended as they are very slow and take quite the time to get to you) or payoneer. Payoneer’s service costs 20 dollars a year and they will only charge you if you have the money in your account.

8) Your profile has now been created, congratulations!
We are far from done, though. Firstly, we have to provide a short description of us and our service. I recommend keeping it short and to the point.
Try to entire the user and make him WANT to watch your show. Be mysterious and seductive.
Here’s a good example: ‘I can’t wait for someone to COME and sweep me off my feet!’
Here’s a bad example: ‘I’m a webcam girl,23 years old.’
Don’t be a sheep, be an individual and become the change users WANT to see on there!
Next thing on our list, the privacy tab, let’s you block unwanted countries/cities. That’s very useful as it can save you from the embarrassment of someone from the real world finding out about your job.

9) Lastly, I recommend installing the following bots to your stream:

a) Goal Master
Makes people more inclined to donate as they will get a reward each time they reach the goal as a collective. Set the reward as something that people would want to see.

b) Roll The Dice!
People love to get random compensations! Charge between a hundred and two hundred tokens for a roll and make every number a winner.

c) Broadcaster’s True Love
You have to have a way of setting apart the biggest spend from the others.
I have seen them called ‘kings’ besides ‘true lover’.
This will create a competitive urge among man watching your show to become your top pick among the lot.
Make use of this fact and play on it as much as possible!

One more tip, don’t fill your streams with hundreds of bots. Five is usually more than enough and to be perfectly frank, it already is breaking the silver lining.
Too many bots and your chat will look horrendously spammy! This will kill your appeal as customers LOVE to chat with the model, you, and not some sort of automatized software.

That’s it! It might seem like a little too much, especially if you are new to this type of thing but believe me, Chaturbate is one of the easiest streaming sites to sign-up to.
If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to write me at Contact Us.

This will wrap it up for part one of our series. In the next part, we’ll be exploring all the good and bad things about webcamming, mistakes you can avoid by learning from veteran camgirls and a whole lot more!

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