‘A Coin Has More Than One Side’ – The Wholesome Guide To Webcamming Part Two

Now that we have the basics out of our way, it is time to delve deeper into the world of webcamming. The time is ripe to explore both the good and the bad out of this honorable art form, give you a few extra tips and tricks and of course, advise you on any sort of ill habits you might pick up along the way.
Let’s not waste a minute longer and embark on this wonderful journey!

The Top Ten Reasons Why Webcamming Is Freaking Amazing!

1) You Are Your Own Boss
This. Literally this. I HATED my job so much that I had to prevent myself from punching my despicable piece of shit boss in the face every single day.
I was working in the food service and as you may or may not know, you will get scolded, shouted at and berated for literally no reason at all.
When I finally started camming, I was getting paid to be nice to my clients and in return, they HAD to be nice to me.
This brings me to my next point.

2) You Don’t Have To Eat Anyone’s Dogshit
If someone comes in and starts talking trash or you know, just generally is killing the vibe, you simply kick that tosser right out of your stream!
It is quite the liberating experience not to have to smile and nod while the somber sod is hurling his frustrations upon you.
If he comes back and still doesn’t stop being a toxic dipshit, without any sort of restraint, escort him out with a block.
One someone is blocked, they will never be able to bother you again, unless you unblock them.

3) My Time, My Decisions!
Setting your own hours is so amazing. I always despised the nine-to-five nitty-gritty, the commute, the coworkers, the unpaid preparation time…
I’m getting worked up just reminiscing about all the horrible things I’ve had to do just to get to work.
Remember that you’ll never have to work more than four hours a day as a camgirl. Not only is more not recommendable as you’ll get tired during all of that time but also because it will show in your performance.
I have mentioned it a couple of times in the last article, your visitors/customers will notice your change in mood and/or personality.

There’s a small danger of all of this; You might get a bit too spoiled for your own good!
This will put your discipline under test, but it shouldn’t be too hard to motivate yourself. I know that for me, it was a breeze.
I just asked myself one question: ‘Crystal, do you want to be a strong, independent and rich young woman or will you be a slave for some rotten scoundrel that doesn’t give two shits about you?!’
It is within your power to choose between these two.

4) My House, My Rules BITCH
Nothing like waking up, not even having to put clothes on and simply starting your work day.
Where the hell is this possible? Tell me, is there any job that allows for such a laissez-faire attitude?
Also, it is me that determines when and how I take a break. Since I’m in my house, I can literally save so much time on otherwise mundane things such as having to engage in small talk with my coworkers or going out with a smoke.
Here, I just light up in front of the entire stream and guess what, I get praised for it!
You’ve read that right, the number of messages (and tokens) I received once I started smoking on stream increased exponentially.
Please note that just because it worked for me, doesn’t mean that it will produce similar results with you.
That’s why I always say; Never be afraid to test things out!

5) Your Confidence Skyrockets!
Hundreds of viewers, all complimenting your naked, bootylicious body. It can get quite addicting, I will tell you that much.
The admiration and positive adulation only serves to ensure that you are enjoying the entire webcamming process even more.
This, in return, will give you the mental boldness and determination to try new things out, making your job even more versatile and fun.
It’s a benevolent cycle that is to the benefit of everyone present!

6) Paid Like A Hooker, Working Like A Queen
This one’s overlooked by both wannabe cam models and girls performing in the sex industry, generally speaking.
Not only will you never have to get face-to-face with any of your customers, but you will also be able to simply ignore or block anyone that might get a bit too lenient with your personal boundaries and rules.
By doing what you like and prefer, that being dancing, playing with your preferred toys and stripping, you can earn as much as ten thousand dollars a week.
Professional escorts in Vegas can’t pull that type of money of and here you are doing it in front of a screen!
The mere opportunity should be motivating you to no avail.

7) Stop Working Whenever You Please
Imagine this unfortunate scenario; You are half an hour into your regular, wageslave job. You suddenly feel a twinge of pain shooting through your stomach and you already know it’s going to be bad.
Complaining to your boss does no good as he will just dismiss your request with the age-old adage of
‘If I let everyone out for such an inane little reason, I would have no workers left by the end of the day!’
‘Don’t be a weakling, ride it out!’
‘I cannot let you go as we’ve got nobody to ride it out for you. I’m sooooo sorrrrryyyyy.’

Can you feel the sarcasm in the last sentence? Can you hear these words echoing through your very core?
I know that I can and I know that I will never submit myself through that ever again!
If at any point in my show, I feel as if I had enough, for whatever reason that may be, I politely excuse myself, wave my viewers goodbye and turn off the camera.
All done in less than a minute.

8) Go From Zero To Hero!
Not only financially but also acquaintance wise. Many a few of the men and women indulging themselves on to your shows are successful people that just want to blow of some steam after a hard day at work. You can use that fact to your advantage!
Apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat not only let you update your viewers with your schedule or the next time you will be on cam, but it also lets you build relationships that can last for a lifetime.
Most of these so called successful people need human interaction more than you could ever imagine!
Just think about it, they have sacrificed their entire social lives just to be able to bring in more dough into their homes.
That’s where you come in, offer them what they need, be the first one to message them on the many social media apps that I have listed.
A simply ‘Hi 😊’ can make their day and believe me that little dopamine boost is something they will not soon forget.
Additionally, you can diversify your income streams by opening up your very own website.
‘What should I be selling, Crystal? I have already shown them everything I got!’
Your dirty lingerie (some will pay hundreds of dollars for it), other used clothes, private numbers (if you trust them) and much more.
Your imagination is your only constraint in such a scenario!
P.S All the additional revenue streams are going to be passive income straight into your pockets, with little to no work whatsoever.
Don’t miss out on them!

9) Experience The World Through A PC Screen!
There’s nothing like meeting a Mexican, Russian and an Australian all on the same day. The intermingling of all the different cultures, their manners and their ways of conduct are just mesmerizing.
If you really think that all of your customers are just there for your inviting bodily perks than you are gravely mistaken!
Sure, some of them can only think about one thing and that is to get off as fast as they can, but you will genuinely shocked by the amount of people simply seeking someone to vent to!
It’s a vast world out there and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to go after all that which glitters, they will be coming after you!

10) Develop Your Creative Side!
This one is definitely among my favorites on the list. You have to comprehend the fact that it’s not all about getting rid of your clothes as fast as possible and inserting whichever toy you have deemed worth of your private parts.
You have to understand that clients can simply switch to porn if they were after a quick bust.
No, what you need to do is make them suffer! Let them become entrenched by every move you make, let every piece of clothing become a new universe for the unwitting observer.
Let him be engulfed, seduced.
Let him fall in love.
He will reward you with a lot more care and cash then he would otherwise.
If you want to reach that stage of control over your viewer, you will have to strain your creative side and become the alluring mistress you always were!


Now that we have gleaned over the positives of webcamming, it is time to uncover the dirty, often less talked about side that can put quite the damper on such a fine art.
Without further ado, I present to you the top five reasons why webcamming can become a nightmare.
I will also ensure that after every disadvantage I name, there is an adequate way of dealing with the problem at hand, a feasible solution.

The Top Five Reasons Why Webcamming Sucks Donkey Balls!

1) You Have To Pay The Freaking Taxes
Even though your revenue is basically determined by the amount of donations or tips that you receive, the IRS doesn’t really concur to that.
They have decided to completely turn webcamming into a contractual working agreement between a company and you, the independent contractor.
This means that there is no way out of this one. One more thing to note is that I wouldn’t recommend trying to play with Uncle Sam, he will catch you sooner or later.


There is one simple solutions that I would like to offer.
Suck it up and pay the taxes. I mean think about it; You’ve been paying them anyways while on your regular job, why should your new career be exempt of it?
This process can also help you grow a bit more mature as you will no longer have your taxes handled by your employer, as if you were a helpless baby.
This will make you much more conscious of your income as well as your spending habits as you will have them all laid out in front of you!

2) Someone Filming Your Live Show
You will of course, have warnings outlined before and after your show that all of the footage being broadcasted is copyrighted and only you hold the necessary rights to distribute it.
But let’s get honest for a moment here, do you really think that people care?
There are legitimate concerns around 3D printing, as some are seriously getting ready to print out mechanical appliances, even big ones like cars!
If they can download illegal movies, game, pornographic content and much more for free, what will prevent them from doing that same thing to you?
A small copyright notice? Yeah right.
Once your pictures are out there for search engines to crawl, it is pretty easy to connect the dots and see that camgurrll18 is really Crystal Harrison on Facebook.
Moreover, considering the fact that Google bots are now matching pictures with their face recognition technology, they might actually be helping potential blackmailers in their quest!
So how the hell could we possibly protect ourselves from that?!


The simplest way out would be to add a small watermark in the corner of your streams that spells out ‘DMCA’ which stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Not only does this tell Google bots and crawlers to NOT show your pictures in the search results, it will also prevent any sort of mischief on behalf of your content as it can be quickly caught, reported and removed within a few hours!
On the other hand, if you are not concerned about lewd photos circling around the innerwebs, encourage users to share it.
More attention translates into more visitors which converts more customers and that brings in more revenue.
See the connection?

3) Zero Dollar Days
I have talked about having patience in the last article. You have absolutely no idea how important it is to stay headstrong and ardent in your call.
You have to mentally prepare yourself and fully expect days where you will simply feel like a naked fool. I know that it can be hard to believe that this is a possibility, but you’ll have to accept it and move on!
There is a reason why being a webcam model isn’t for everyone, this is just one way the meek get wed out!


Thought I wouldn’t come up with anything? Think again!
What most cam models don’t want to hear is the following: There is a hundred percent chance that such a situation is none other than your fault!
Did you really think that just because something worked out for the first three days, that it now has to produce the same results consecutively?
Give me a break!
The game is constantly evolving and with that in mind, you must follow suit or you will be quickly catapulted back to the drawing board.
Be creative and if you can’t think of anything loosen up a bit, give more for less!
If there are half as many people watching models on this particular day, make sure that most of the attention is focused on you.
The less viewers there are, the more competition you will have to face, that is why I recommend humbling yourself on such days and go out the extra limb for each and every token.
The money isn’t the issue here but the retention of viewers; Most of the guys or girls that came watching you on drought days will be there on regular days as well!

4) No Real Relationships (that’s how it worked for me)
You can BS me about our progressive society as much as you want, the moment I told my boyfriend that I was a webcam model in order to support myself, he dumped me quicker than anyone had before him.
This is the type of treatment that you will have to get used to once the cat is out of the bag.
Hiding it is even worse as it will eventually spill out and you’ll end up hurting someone unnecessarily.
Although it might not seem like a big deal to you, from their perspective, you were the one that breached their trust and threw it out in the gutter!
This can be especially difficult for those of us that rely on the support our significant others bestow us with in the tough moments in life.
Personally speaking, I’ve found that since I started with my webcamming career, the type of people I met and interacted with in my life also changed.
Not only did I find myself much more liberal and accepting of other people’s wishes and needs, I also had stopped judging others as much.
The biggest positive change out of all this was the way I started treating myself and my own mistakes; No longer was I beaten down by a harsh voice that followed me into each and every step that I’ve made, I was also feeling a strange sense of freedom in that I could finally sort things out without any outside help.


As I had already mentioned, as your personality evolves so will the circle of friends and acquaintances change colors.
I’m telling you, there is nothing to be upset about.
The days of meekness and anxiety are approaching a bitter end, let yourself evolve.
Become a butterfly, not just with your looks but with your radiating personality.
You will start believing in yourself, to the truest extent of these words and that will make the necessity of another person constantly spoon-feeding you like a little baby, void.

5) You Get Carried Away By The Easy Money
I was very effected by this one as I never had experienced having so much money at my disposal. I grew up poor and once I saw the green roll in, I was all over the place!
Not only was I spending money on exorbitant things such as daily restaurant meals, I was also streaming way too much.
And why is that a problem?
No matter how interesting of a human you are and no matter how creative you get, you cannot uphold and entertain someone consistently day and day out.
You will burn out, your recurring customers will move on and that’s a double-whammy as the more you try, the more you fail to impress.


Have you ever asked yourself, why the hell someone pays thousands of dollars for a tiny diamond?
Or why gold has such a high value even though it is virtually worthless?
The short answer: Scarcity.
The long answer: When we are exposed to something to prolonged periods of times, no matter how interesting they may be, eventually, they will become boring.
That’s a simple rule of life and a simple explanation on to why ‘clingy’ people often don’t get the respect and attention they deserve in relationships.
What does this have to with camming?
Instead of being available each and every day for hours on end, make your viewers long for you. Take a random two or three days off even though you had scheduled a stream that day.
Be mysterious and unpredictive.
When asked why you didn’t log on this and that day, instead of babbling like an open book, do something unlike anything your viewers have ever seen.
A coy smile for example followed by a ‘I won’t tell youuuuu!’
Don’t be the type of girl or boy that will just stand there, waiting for the next tip, looking like a stone wall.
That’s not sexy and I assure you that this is the fastest ticket to getting bored and frustrated with your job.


Now that we are aware of the preexisting dichotomy in cam modeling that we all have to bear and submit to, it is time to glean over all the mistakes fledglings love to make when they first start out.
I would suggest any aspiring model to read this before starting her first show as some viewers can be quite harsh judges and trust me, every viewer is just a step away from becoming a customer.
You don’t want to miss out on them!
Without further ado, here are the seven things I wish I knew before I turned the webcam on for the first few times

Seven Mistakes New Webcam Models Love To Make!

1) Smile But Don’t Overdo It!
Since the moment of our inception, we have been told to smile and keep our chin up, especially women. It can sometimes be hard to follow such a rule, particularly if you had a bad day or just aren’t feeling it.
When that happens, many girls/boys try and force a smile, but it is so obvious that it makes me want to puke.
Case in point:
I’m in a room of a new girl, monitoring her behaviors and actions as she had asked me for a few tips and tricks.
I can clearly see that she doesn’t feel comfortable and the most noticeable organ on her body aren’t her private parts but her ever-so-changing facial expressions.
One moment she is ecstatically happy, the other she looks bored. Then she makes a face of disgust and right after she smile again.
You know when someone is grinning, but they are doing it in such a fashion that it looks creepy?
That’s the word I was looking for: Creepy, even uncanny for my tastes.


Not everyone was born to be a professional actor and body language artist. To master such a unique art takes a lot of time on its own but trying to constantly force your body into doing something it’s not feeling can also be very damaging to your psyche.
One thing you could employ in such a scenario is practicing how to smile for just five minutes a day in a mirror.
Just five minutes, not a minute longer.
At first, it feels weird and you will ask yourself ‘What the hell am I doing this for?!’ but trust me, the moment you get back on stage and watch your latest broadcast, you will immediately take note of how much more natural your visage seems to be!
Although it seems insignificant, we humans pick up on those small cues and thereby decide whether we like someone or not and that little peculiarity might just make the difference between someone staying a viewer or becoming a customer.

2) Don’t Wait For Users To Start The Conversation
You are the God of your stream. You are a queen that can do whatever she pleases. Don’t let anyone else dictate the flow of YOUR show.
You have to comprehend the fact that you are the one that owns the power to do whatever he/she wants to!
Too many times do I open up a stream and the girl is just lying there starring at the screen like a mummified body.
I’m telling you this right here and right now: Can you succeed with such wacky behavior? Will you earn money by doing so?
Yes, you will.
But why earn 50 dollars an hour when my tips can turn that 50 into 500. That is why I insist on these rules and guidelines as they will not only make your pocket happy but you too!
There is nothing more marvelous than watching that viewer count multiply in the THOUSANDS just because YOU are the one that is actually entertaining their viewers! But what if you are not a natural talker, what if you are of a diffident personality?


Judging by my texts and way of talking, you would think that I’m some sort of crazy alpha female or something along those lines.
Believe me, if you met me in real life you wouldn’t believe your eyes: I would probably be situated somewhere in a corner, with a book in my hand, desperately trying to avoid talking to anyone.
Not because I’m conceited but as a result of my crippling shyness and the anxiety I experience around people.
But this is not real life! Modelling is the one place where you can enact your fantasies, where you can become the person you always wanted to be!
Nobody can judge you and nobody can touch you, you are omnipotent and omnipresent!
I simply start talking about my day, on how I do my hair, how I felt at the doctors yesterday, how I had a nice meal today…
Just random things that enter my mind, it doesn’t matter what.
Please, for the sake of everyone watching and your own enjoyability, do not sit there with a wide stare waiting for someone to start the show.
It already did, ensure that you are not the one missing it.

3) You Tip Me, I Jump From Bridge? Okay
How many times did I have to watch both new girls and guys do some vile act that they would never commit if it weren’t for the many tips urging them to do so.
They don’t realize that to the tippers, you are untapped water and they are testing out how far they can take it with you.
The sad thing is, as long as you are compliant with their requests, they will continue on pushing and pushing until you find yourself hard-pressed to do stuff you aren’t ready to do!
That can be quite the dreadful experience as on one hand, you don’t want to upset your paying viewers by barring them from seeing their requested footage.
On the other hand, your body and mind are screaming at you to stop, as the time simply isn’t ripe yet to undertake such a challenge.
What to do?


Know your limits and set them.
Be prepared to say no. Always offer something else in return. Don’t be upset if your customers are dissatisfied by your rejection.
You must be strong enough to care for yourself and your body.
What brings a hundred dollar more that night if you will quit streaming before the week has passed?
Don’t be afraid to let your viewers know why you cannot do what they asked of you and what you will do to one day make it happen.
This will satisfy them as you didn’t outright reject their offerings, more like postponed them.
Be upright and honest with them as these two attributes build trust and there is nothing more important than trust between your enjoyers and you.

4) I Don’t Like To Bend The Rules
Picture this: You see a girl, fully clothed demanding whatever number of tokens she desires to get a piece of article from her.
Nothing wrong with that, right?
I agree. But here is what often happens; There is a particularly slow night and people just don’t feel like tipping. The minutes pass and add on. Half an hour goes by and still, nothing changes.
Now, ask yourself, would you rather watch a picture on screen or some real-life action?
I presume that we all picked the second option. The same goes for your viewers.


Sometimes, those extra couple of tokens simply won’t come in and you’ll lose a lot of valuable time and potential revenue if you keep such a headstrong approach.
You have to view your naked body as a flavoring to your viewers pockets. If you start off every stream fully clothed, you are bound to hit one of those days where nobody feels like tipping you just to get an article remove!
That’s where YOU must act.
Seize the opportunity and show them some of your best sides, reminding them what they are missing out on!
It can be for a few seconds, up to a minute, but believe me, after they have tasted a drop from your pungent nectar, they will be back for more!
That’s how a lure works and that’s how you convert a stale night into one for the books!

5) I’m Too Easy For You!
I want you to imagine the following scenario, embody the physical attributes of a female while you are at it:
You meet up with a guy and he is kind of cute. He makes you laugh, he is physically attractive, and he has such a charming smile.
You are in the middle of a busy street, yet you undress yourself and start going down on him. To some this would be the pinnacle of their sex lives, others would find it extremely off-putting.
How much respect and care do you think that the person being the recipient would have for you?
Would he really give a shit about you?
Would he even have the capability to see you as a human being akin to him?
The answer is a definite no. He would treat you like a cumslut, simple as that. You would be nothing but a hole for his enjoyment.
As I said, some might find this very alluring, but most will shy away from it.
Many new girls give too much of themselves, some even going as far as to start the show with sex (if with a partner) or naked masturbation (if solo).
This is all well and good but ask yourself: What is the difference between doing this and straight up porn?
Remember that if your viewers would’ve wanted to watch a pornographic movie, they wouldn’t have visited your stream.
‘’But won’t I eventually reach that stage where I will basically lay there and pleasure myself?!’’
Yes, you will but you seem to be forgetting a key thing amid all of this.


It’s simple: The build-up.
I have already bickered about it before; You must create a need and a want.
Don’t sell yourself short by immediately revealing all that is to see in the first minute of the show. While remaining frugal, as we have seen in the last point, is also not recommended, you have to find a silver lining!
There is a thin line that separates stingy from the frugal and that’s where you want to hover. That imaginary line is your ticket to both financial and emotional prosperity.

6) Ignoring Users Besides Tipping Customers
I hate camgirls that do this, what an unprofessional thing to do! It tells so much about you and what your real reasons are for actually pursuing camming that it is downright off-putting.
It’s disgusting.
Yes, your viewers know that you are mostly doing it for the easy cash.
No, they don’t want to be CONSTANTLY reminded of it!
To withhold your attention from 95% of your viewers is also a bad marketing ploy. Not only can they be turned into valuable customers but also the general appeal of your stream rises as more people get to interact with it.
We saw an entire science be created out of thin air in marketing, it’s called experiential marketing. Look it up if you don’t believe me!
Not only that but it also helps you keep the flow going. Sometimes, it can be pretty hard to have a theme at hand, so answering questions is a good way of catching some breath.
Additionally, so-called freeloaders oftentimes appreciate that you are paying them any attention (as many girls don’t) and that makes them much more likely to top-up with tokens just for you.
Lastly, you have to be perceptive enough to comprehend the fact that most users don’t actually chat or interact in any way, shape or form.
If you show them that you are the type of person that has a gleeful personality, their enjoyment will surely be multiplied.
In return, you will be showered by gifts and tokens and most of the time, you won’t have to do anything as compensation for the contributions you have received!


I’m very aware of the fact it can be quite daunting to watch a lively chat where at least five people expect you to do this and that just because they requested so.
It can also be really frustrating if the same types as described above get angry or displeased when you fail to comply with their requests.
That is why you must set a clear line; You will interact with you non-paying viewers BUT if they do want a piece of your body, they will have to pay!
This is the fairest and in my opinion, best option out there for any cam model.
Your viewers get to have a sneak peek of what could be theirs and you don’t come off as a reckless maniac only in there for the cash.
A win-win type of situation!

7) Not Being Themselves
It is so obvious when a girl or guy tries to embody the traits of some successful cam model out there just because they believe that this will be the surefire way of success.
Let me tell you a little something that will break such illusion, if you do harbor them: Why would anyone would want to watch you and not the original?!
I will let you in on the clever subterfuge: People demand a change here and there!
This is where new models like you get to benefit the most.
Instead of being a (mostly bad) copycat, you are also selling your soul to the devil and turning a fun and adventurous activity into something nerve wrecking.
Believe me, keeping up the act for more than an hour gets so exhausting that once you turn the camera off, you will want to put a bullet through your head.


It can be downright terrifying to think about actually being yourself: What if I’m not good enough? What if people hate me?
And a million other questions our mind infiltrates us with!
Here’s the truth: No matter what personality you try and put out there, some will like it, others will not.
Luckily for you, there are more than enough tools to remove those that are creating a toxic environment inside of your stream.
Don’t forget that it is within your power to decide whom you will keep and whom you will ban!


There are a million other topics to conversate on, but this will be it for the second part! Join us and find out what shiny new things we have in storage for the third section of our series.


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